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We help crossing the Brridge
from Graduation to Employment.

Do You Want To Feel ...


Because you are working towards your goals of finding a job and improving your career?


Because you know what you should focus on and are making progress?


Because you have support from others who are sharing the same journey as you?

If you have answered "Yes" to any of these questions, we can help you.

How We Can Help

We believe that you have to take care of the following 3 areas to be able to boost or start your career:


To achieve confidence you need to put into practice what you have learned. You will do that by working together with us on real projects with technologies, best practices and tools currently used by the industry.


You may feel that you don't have anything to say, but you do. We will help you with strategies on how to put the word out there about who you are, what you do and what you can offer to employers. We help you to build your digital breadcrumbs.


The old saying is true: It is not just about what you know, but also who you know. We will bring local industry professionals to share their experiences and opportunities with you. We will help you to build your network in the industry.

Progress, not Perfection. Let's work together to get you there.


Brridge was the right choice because of all the things that comes with the program.

First, the application we work with is what most employers are looking for. Second, the mentorship from project to career development. And last the professionals that came to speak with us.

I wouldn't have gotten my job opportunity if it wasn't for Brridge.

If you are struggling to start your career in software development, Brridge is a no-brainer.

Tiago Franco FinottiHIRED!Full Stack Developer

Highly recommend this to any new grads out there!

A VERY large part of my interview skills / networking / etc is largely attributed to the group!

The advice and tips, working with the team, all the great guest speakers we had, has helped me so much!

Katrina PoHIRED!Front End Developer

My experience with Brridge was all positive and fruitful. We had great guests from the industry and received many tips for job hunting.

There was also a development project where we used one of the most on demand stack in the industry. The group helped me to hone my skills and build confidence.

On top of that, I met my fellow jobseekers. It was great to have people around in an uncertain job hunting journey.

Tomoki TakeuchiHIRED!Software Engineer

I thought I would just work on a live project, but the group was way more than that.

I had a chance to create my blog, to improve my LinkedIn profile, to work with tools such as Jira, Git and GitHub.

The experience with Jira in the group helped me a lot to land my first job in the industry.

Anpu JohnHIRED!Software Developer

This was the perfect time to learn new technologies. By joining Brridge, I was able contribute to the team and collaborate in a real project setting.

It is really fun to be with the group. The ideas. The collaboration. The way we decide what to work on.

When I followed their recommendations about my LinkedIn profile, I started to get lots of opportunities.

I wouldn't have been able to find a job if it wasn't for them.

Harbin RamoHIRED!Web Developer

Project Tracks

You can pick a group that will work in a project focusing on one of the two most in demand skills in the industry today.


Be part of a team working on a real project to build a full stack application with React, Node.js, ExpressJS & MongoDB.


In our mobile group, you will be helping to put together a mobile app using Swift, SwiftUI, Combine, CoreData and Firebase.

You move on your own speed. There is a Place for every Pace.


The team that will be working together with you
Sergio Castro

Sergio Castro

Project Management

Passionate about Digital Innovation, I have been bridging the gap between technology and business for more than 14 years, leading software teams in both agile and waterfall environments on products that have reached 35M+ users.

Vladimir Cezar

Vladimir Cezar

Mobile Application Development

I am a Software Engineer whose core concentrations are mobile development and web engineering. I have tons of experience coding in different languages like Swift, Dart and JavaScript and dealing with different technologies from MEAN to serverless using Firebase. I have strong analytical skills and a solid Computer Science background.

Aderson Oliveira

Aderson Oliveira

Full Stack Development

I am a college instructor and tech podcaster. I have extensive web development experience with focus on the React, Angular and Node.js. I'm a tech guy with a business eye. I love coding, teaching and helping people achieve their career goals.

Mike Karan

Mike Karan

Full Stack Development

I am a full-stack web developer and a tech lead. I’ve led a team to create multiple successful applications, from concept to deployment. I desperately try and fail to keep up with all the new tech out there but prefer Vue.js, Node and Mongo. I also host a podcast and run a web development community in my spare time. I’m a developer to the max!

Ashwin Samtani

Ashwin Samtani

Full Stack Development

I am a Senior Software Engineer with a passion for creating scalable solutions and fostering strong teamwork. My career spans the startup as well as corporate environments, where I have worked on front end as well as back end solutions. Some interesting projects I’ve worked on include architecting an international corporate tax platform, leading the implementation of big data tools, and developing ETL processes within AWS Glue.

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